Four American Women Attacked With Acid In Marseille (Video)
17 Sep 2017

Four American Women Attacked With Acid In Marseille (Video)

Four young American women in their early 20’s were attacked with hydrochloric acid at a Marseille train station in France today. But they don’t know if it was terror-related? The perpetrator is a 41-year-old mentally unstable woman according to BBC News. Boston College released a statement on Sunday that the four women

19 Nov 2016

4 Charged For Attacking Man For Being Trump Supporter

  These 4 should be charged. They had no reason for attacking this man other than the pure hate they have in their hearts. This man did nothing to them. Gang of youths yelling "You Voted Trump!" beat a white motorist. Attempt to steal belongings. @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump — Motor

11 Nov 2016

Student Attacked At School After Posting Support For Trump

And these are the same people shouting “Loves Trumps Hate” and are violently protesting his win. This student didn’t deserve to be attacked for showing her support.     Daily Mail: A high school student was attacked by a classmate in the school yard after sharing her support of Donald

21 Oct 2016

Half The Internet Shut Down Today & It’s Getting Worse

Here’s an internet outage map from DownDetector as of 12:46 PM EST This attack on the internet is their way of helping the DNC and Hillary rig the elections… Plus stop the flood of WikiLeaks emails. Assange is probably in trouble today… HT: Allen West Republic Twitter, Spotify and Reddit,

Man Sets Swiss Train On Fire, Then Attacks Passengers With Knife, Including 6 Yr Old Child
13 Aug 2016

Man Sets Swiss Train On Fire, Then Attacks Passengers With Knife, Including 6 Yr Old Child

The Amish at it again? The crazed assailant was on fire when he was wrestled to the ground. Daily Mail: Swiss police confirm seven people have been injured after attack on train A man reportedly assaulted passengers with ‘fire and a knife’  Officers confirmed the 27-year-old offender stabbed a child, six 

18 Feb 2016

Amber Alert Issued In Machete Attack Reported In Oklahoma… Police Looking For Missing Child

EL RENO — Police have released the names of two stabbing victims who are in critical condition as well as the names of two adults and a child sought. An Amber alert has been issued in the case. Luciano Salazar, 44, of El Reno, suffered cuts to his right hand,

02 Feb 2016

6 Islamic Converts Arrested… Planning To Carry Out Attack On Sex Clubs Before Joining ISIS

France’s anti-terror police have arrested six people who allegedly planned to attack sex clubs and leave for Syria. The group of five men and a woman, who had already bought bus tickets to join ISIS in Syria via Bulgaria and Turkey, were arrested outside the French city of Lyon. At

18 Dec 2015

Israel Endures 2,225 Rock Attacks in Last Three Months… Media Silent

Israel “can’t see the end of the terror wave.” In addition to the wave of stabbing and shooting sprees and vehicular assaults, Palestinian terrorists have launched roughly 2,225 rock-throwing attacks against Israelis in the last three months alone, according to reports. The figures, released Wednesday by Israel’s Channel 2, note that this figures

17 Oct 2015

75 Year Old Army Vet Saves 16 Children From Knife Wielding Teen Psychopath

  He remembered his knife fight training from the Army five decades ago. Via Fox News: A former Army vet is recovering from stab wounds after putting himself between 16 terrified children and a knife-wielding teen determined to kill at an Illinois public library this week.   “He actually ran

06 Aug 2015

Kansas City Man Brutally Beaten In Knockout Style Attack

A Kansas city man was brutally beaten in front of his home in June. The attackers did not steal his keys or wallet but they broke his cheek bone and jaw. Frank Kenney suffered a blood clot that causes him to be cross-eyed today.     Frank Kenney doesn’t remember a

06 Jul 2015

SHOCKING VIDEO ➠ White Victim Beaten Bloody While Mob Laughs & Taunts

Horrifying video captured in Cincinnati Saturday night shows a mob of black concert-goers laughing and joking at the sight of a white victim, lying on the ground bleeding until police officers managed to rescue him. The video, posted by the Gateway Pundit on Monday, shows a group of about 40

29 May 2015

Muslims Have Terrifying Response Over Second ‘Draw Muhammad’ Event

Muslims Have Terrifying Response Over Second ‘Draw Muhammad’ Event Earlier this week, it was announced that a second “Draw Muhammad” event would be held at a Phoenix-area mosque, and it didn’t sit too well with Muslims. Well, radicals have since caught wind of it, and not only are they making

27 May 2015

White House Attacks Fifth Circuit Judges ➠ Says They ‘Chose To Misinterpret Law’

White House Attacks Fifth Circuit Judges, Says They ‘Chose To Misinterpret Law’ By Upholding Stay On Obama’s Executive Amnesty So typical, such a classless response, to attack and insult the judges. Via Breitbart: The White House reacted to the news that the Fifth Circuit court of appeals denied an appeal

25 May 2015

CAUGHT ON VIDEO ➠ Muslim Brutally Beats Gay Couple In NY Restaurant

VIDEO: Muslim Brutally Beats Gay Couple in NY Restaurant In the notoriously leftwing media, Muslim trumps gay. Surprised? Don’t be. In numerous Muslim on gay crimes in uber-left Seattle and America’s gay capital San Francisco, when Muslims attack gays, the media and the law enforcement protect – the Muslims. Their

23 May 2015

ISIS Claims Deadly Saudi Mosque Attack

ISIS Claims Deadly Saudi Mosque Attack   CAIRO – The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at a Shiite mosque in Saudi Arabia, warning that more “black days” loom ahead in a direct challenge to the rulers of the Sunni kingdom.   Friday’s attack was the kingdom’s

21 May 2015

Terrifying Attack ➠ Crazed Man Sets His Sights On Baby ➠ Grabs Some Gasoline & Matches

Crazed Man Sets His Sights On Baby, Grabs Some Gasoline & Matches A family pulled over to change a flat tire on a freeway in Wildomar, California, when they became victims of a terrifying attack. The crazed man came out of nowhere, smashing the family’s car, before he set his sights on their

15 May 2015

Disturbing ➠ Mob Of Teens Attack People In McDonalds ➠ “Kill Him! Kill Him Now!”

Mob Of Teens In Brooklyn Attack People In McDonalds, “Kill Him! Kill Him Now!” These kids have absolutely no control or conscience.   The brutality began at the McDonald’s on Flatbush Avenue Extension in Downtown Brooklyn at about 3 p.m., just as schools were letting out. In the video, a

13 May 2015

Cell Phone Video Shows Gang Of Black Teens Brutally Attack White Baltimore Man ➠ Neighbor Says It Was Racial Attack!

  Neighbor Of 61 Yr Old White Man Beaten By Dozens Of Black Teens From Baltimore: It Was Racial Attack This was only one in a string of incidents caused by the black Baltimore students passing through the area. [youtube] Via Daily Caller: The neighbor of a 61-year-old Dundalk,