President Donald Trump Announces Migrants Will Not Get Welfare For First 5 Years (Video)
03 Nov 2017

Trump Blasts Ruling Allowing Deserter Bergdahl To Walk Free: “Complete and Total Disgrace”

This ruling is an absolute insult to all those who still respect the US and its military. May God bless the families of those who died because of Bergdahl’s actions. President Trump is absolutely right! A dishonorable discharge and $10k “slap-on-the-wrist…” In a stunning ruling by military judge Col. Jeffery Nance, Army Sgt.

03 Dec 2016

Bergdahl Requests Pardon From President Obama

Obama really hates the Military… He hates the soldiers that were killed looking for this POS. He will grant this pardon… no question about it!   Fox News: Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl–held captive for five years after being captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan–has requested a pardon from President Obama,