6-Year-Olds Can Legally Change Their Gender
17 May 2016

Norway Set To Launch Website: 6-Year-Olds Can Legally Change Their Gender

Mind-blowing stupidity. What legitimate purpose could this possibly serve? There are real reasons why children are not allowed to vote, buy alcohol or tobacco. They lack the education and life experience to make life-long altering decisions, like deciding on what gender they want to be. Daily Caller: A proposed bill in the

09 May 2016

Swedish Mother Invites Refugee Into Her Home Who Promptly Molests Her 10 Year-Old Daughter

What a shame that the daughter had to pay the consequences for her mother’s complete stupidity. Get ready for the same thing right here in the USA. These are the same people Obama is bringing into our country in droves.   Daily Caller: A Swedish mother decided it would be a good idea

07 May 2016

Obama Will Force Transgender & Gender Identity Rules On All K-12 Schools

Why is it ok for liberals to sexualize children? This country has become so sick & twisted. They are coming after our children… President Barack Obama will step up his campaign to change the laws and social expectations about the sexual development of children in schools, according to Politico.   Breitbart: Politico’s report

28 Apr 2016

Mother Of Teen Murdered By Illegal Immigrant Tells Congress To Do Their Job!

God bless this courageous mom who stepped up to speak the truth for all of us! Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts! How many more children will have to die before the Government opens their eyes & run all the illegals out of our country.