06 Dec 2018

BUSTED: Rand Paul Calls Out The Deep State Trying to Run Congress

Sen. Rand Paul issued a rhetorical broadside against the “deep state” for freezing him out of a CIA briefing on slain Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. “I know about the information of the CIA’s conclusions only by reading it in the media. There are eight people in Congress who get briefings on intelligence. That’s

WaPo: Trump Tells Aides He Wants Leaker-Liar Comey “Investigated & Charged”
02 Jun 2018

WaPo: Trump Tells Aides He Wants Leaker-Liar Comey “Investigated & Charged”

President Trump has every right to hold the lawless accountable. He has been under constant attack since the day he came down that escalator and officially announced his intention to run for president. He has been accused of everything from A to Z. It’s now time he puts this to

CNN’s Turns Their Colossal Screw-Up Into An Attack On President Trump
27 May 2018

Deep State Confession: 2017 UK Article Indicates Obama’s #Spygate Started In 2015

It’s really astonishing that one man, Donald Trump could virtually take on the entire world and still prevail. He will be remembered in history as among one of the greatest leaders ever to be elected. It’s now become very clear that the UK spied on the Trump team starting at least

President Trump HAMMERS Dems & their Deep State Partners on #SpyGate Lies & Omissions
25 May 2018

President Trump HAMMERS Dems & their Deep State Operatives on #SpyGate Lies & Omissions

We have never had an American President, in Modern Times, who fights like Trump. Maybe not since Andrew Jackson… Old Hickory would have already challenged John Brennan to a dual! They drug him through the mud too just like they are doing to Trump. President Trump hammered Democrats and their Deep State

Trump Pulls Out of North Korean Summit: Thanks Regime For Releasing Our Hostages
19 May 2018

Trump Calls Out Deep State Infiltration of His Campaign ‘This is a Very Big Deal’

President Trump blasted Obama’s Deep State FBI infiltration of his presidential campaign, saying it’s a really big deal.  The President is correct, it is really a big deal. Any American regardless of political ideology should be outraged too. Just consider this idea for a moment; how would have the MSM reacted

Attorney General Sessions: DOJ Will Open Investigation Into Obama’s FISA Abuse
09 May 2018

Did AG Jeff Sessions Just Divulge He’s a Part of the Deep State?

President Trump can declassify and release any documents he wants, right? So if he wanted these documents released now, they would be released. Should we just wait for the IG report to drop this month and hold our judgment on Sessions until then? Or do you believe based on his actions