FBI Gives Thousands Of Clinton Documents To State Department
30 Jul 2016

FBI Hands Over Thousands Of Clinton Documents To State

It’s almost hilarious that no matter how many times the Democrats try to put this email scandal to bed, it just keeps popping right back up. Any bets on whether Wikileaks releases the e-mails before the State Department? Just think how much money this has already cost the US taxpayer.

26 Jan 2016

Hillary: I Did Nothing Wrong With My Email… Refuses To Apologize (Video)

Nothing other than ‘convenient’. Setting up and paying for a whole different server sounds really convenient.   Via The Blaze: Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton refused to say Monday evening that the way she handled the controversy over her emails showed an “error in judgement.”   Clinton’s remark came in

21 Jan 2016

Former CIA Official: Hillary ‘Endangered Lives’ By Affirmatively Mishandling Above Top Secret Info (Video)

Incredibly important.   Via Townhall: In a powerful interview on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, former CIA officer Charles Faddis delivered succinct, devastating responses to anchor Bill Hemmer’s questions about the latest revelations pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. The segment was conducted in a grave tone, with network judicial analyst

20 Jan 2016

BOMBSHELL NEW REPORT: Finds Shocking Emails In Hillary’s Server… They Are “Beyond Top Secret” (Video)

A bombshell new report published on Tuesday revealed that former secretary of state and current Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used her now-famous unsecured email server to discuss information pertaining to some of the government’s most secretive programs. Specifically, a dozen or more emails on her server contained information from a

23 Oct 2015

Hillary Clinton has Major Coughing Fit during Benghazi Testimony (Video)

Here is video of Hillary Clinton having a coughing fit during today’s testimony before the Benghazi Committee.  

23 Oct 2015

SMOKING GUN! FOX Analyst Reports On Bombshell Benghazi Evidence That Sinks Hillary!

FOX News investigative journalist Catherine Herridge reported on the smoking gun evidence that sinks Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama knew the assault on the Benghazi Consulate was a terrorist attack immediately and was not connected to any YouTube video. They then went out and lied to the public

20 Oct 2015

The Head Of The CIA Not Only Has An AOL Email Account, But A Teenager JUST Hacked It

Wow he’s cool I bet he has a Myspace and an Etsy shop too. Via NY Post: Hillary Rodham Clinton’s email scandal didn’t stop the head of the CIA from using his own personal AOL account to stash work-related documents, according to a high school student who claims to have

12 Oct 2015

Obama: Hillary Private Email Server Just A ‘Mistake’

President Obama appeared on “60 Minutes” last Sunday evening and told Steve Kroft that former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton simply made a mistake using a personal home-brewed email service to conduct government business. Obama appeared on the show to defend his policy in Syria. “I think

10 Oct 2015

Clinton Not Only Received CIA Source Name, But Forwarded It Over Unsecure Email

  The information was inherently classified. Can we say Valerie Plame, folks? I knew we could… Via Yahoo: On March 18, 2011, Sidney Blumenthal — Clinton’s longtime friend and political adviser — sent the then secretary of state an email to her private account that contained apparently highly sensitive information