Machete-Wielding Teen Thug Hacks Boy Over Girl
22 Aug 2016

Machete-Wielding Teen Thug Hacks Boy Over Girl

A graphic video is going viral after a thug saw another teen talking to the girl he really liked. It quickly escalated into a nightmare scene when this teen thug went over for a little revenge. LAKE WORTH (CBS12) — A Lake Worth teen is recovering after his arm was almost severed in

26 Mar 2016

Brawl Spills Out Into The Street After Church In Memphis, TN

Disagreement between church choir members. Via WISTV: A cluster of fights Sunday afternoon got so out of hand police could not break them up.   Officers responded to the fights at the corner of Walker Avenue and Orleans Street, down the street from where it was originally reported.   Police

29 Oct 2015

Double Standard: Principal BODY-SLAMED By Student, Zero Outrage From Media (Video)

Zero outrage.  Zero media coverage. Via Breitbart: A student body-slammed the principal of Florin High School in Sacramento during a fight Monday that required police to arrest three students.   Footage of the fight was posted to YouTube and Facebook, and shows the principal, Don Ross, being lifted up and

22 Oct 2015

SHOCKING VIDEO ➠ Teacher Gets Beaten By Student In Classroom

After saying, “If you’re so eager to fight, then why don’t you,” a teacher gets pummeled by student. Perhaps this was not his wisest choice of words. The video shows a student beating a teacher in the classroom. It not clear what happened to the student or the teacher after the brawl.

21 Jun 2015

Shock Video ➠ Yemeni Peace Talks Break Out Into Fistfight

Shock Video: Yemeni Peace Talks Break Out Into Fistfight Yemeni peace talks in Geneva ended in a physical brawl this week. The violence started when a woman hurled a shoe at the head of the Houthi delegation during a press conference. [youtube]   Gulf News reported, via Religion of

16 Jun 2015

Hannity Talks To Detroit Woman Who Bravely Fought Off Four Home Invaders

Sean Hannity Talks to Detroit Woman Who Bravely Fought Off Four Home Invaders Sean Hannity talked to the courageous Detroit woman who was shot in the leg while defending her home against four burglars. Dietta “Ms. Dee” Gueye  told Hannity she woke up early one morning last week as one

08 Jun 2015

Shock Video Shows Women Engage in Savage Brawl at Walmart, but Child’s Reaction May Be More Alarming!

Shock video posted online shows two women engage in a brutal fight at an Indiana Walmart Thursday, but how one of the women’s sons reacted might be the most alarming. It wasn’t clear what prompted the brawl, but video captured by an onlooker shows the two women fighting and wrestling

02 Jun 2015

Carjacker Messed With The Wrong Grandma & He Got A SMACK DOWN! ➠ Video

Grandma Attacks Would-Be Carjacker in Utah The suspect in an attempted Utah carjacking messed with the wrong grandma. Authorities say 69-year-old Frances Mach pulled into the driveway of her daughter’s Saratoga Springs home on Saturday, where 38-year-old Christopher Bigler jumped into her car and told her to drive. Bigler then allegedly

17 May 2015

Nine DEAD In Biker Gang Confrontation ➠ Battle Included Chains, Knives, Bats, Clubs, & Firearms ➠ Video

NINE DEAD In Biker War in Waco, Texas (VIDEO) Nine people were killed during a biker gang brawl in Texas. The fight broke out at Twin Peaks restaurant.   The battle included chains, knives, bats, clubs and guns.   [youtube] KCEN TV reported: Nine people are dead and multiple

25 Mar 2015

Youth Mob Forces St. Louis Zoo to Close Early ➠ Brawl Breaks Out!

Youth Mob Forces St. Louis Zoo to Close Early – Brawl Breaks Out at Delmar Loop   A large brawl broke out inside the St Louis Zoo on Sunday the 15th. The zoo was forced to close early. FOX 2 reported: The St. Louis Zoo shut down a couple of