Greta Unloads On Congress "It’s a Crime To Hide Personal Lawsuits Paid With Taxpayer Money"
21 Nov 2017

Greta Unloads On Congress “It’s a Crime To Hide Personal Lawsuits Paid With Taxpayer Money”

Since when are the members of Congress and their staff accused of sexual harassment allowed to pay off their accusers from a secret “shush” fund full of American taxpayer dollars? Well, since 1995, as it turns out. Legal analyst and former news anchor for FOX, CNN and MSNBC, Greta Van Susteren

04 Apr 2016

Pentagon Vows ISIS Leader Will ‘Taste Justice’

The spokesperson for U.S. forces in Iraq made a bold vow to hunt down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Army Col. Steve Warren said at a Pentagon press conference that U.S. forces will find al-Baghdadi and that he will “taste justice.” “I don’t know if that justice will look like a Hellfire

06 Oct 2015

Watch Donald Trump RIP Obama: He’s not a Leader, You Either Have It Or You Don’t!

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump ripped President Obama tonight in an interview with Greta Van Susteren On the Record. Trump ripped Barack Obama and his lack of leadership. Via On the Record:   Donald Trump: ust the spirit, if you look, we have so many mistakes. We on’t have any victories

03 Oct 2015

Netanyahu: Time To Rail Against UN’s Anti-Israel ‘Hypocrisy’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went “On the Record” tonight, criticizing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the “hypocrisy” from the United Nations toward his country. Netanyahu called out Abbas for failing to condemn yesterday’s brutal murders of a Jewish settler couple as they drove in the West Bank. The young

18 Aug 2015

Palin: Trump He’s The Best Thing To Happen To The Permanent Political Class Since The Tea Party

Please Comment, Like & Share. Your thoughts are important to us.   Former Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is “the best thing to happen to the permanent political class since…the Tea Party” on Tuesday’s “On the Record” on the Fox News

29 Jul 2015

Donald Trump Slams Obama, John Kerry for Iran Nuclear Deal: ‘Maybe They’re Not Bright’

Donald Trump went “On The Record” telling Greta Van Susteren that the nuclear agreement with Iran is disastrous for the U.S., Israel and the world. Trump explained that the terrible, incompetent deal will allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon, which will lead to nuclear proliferation in the Middle East.

06 Jun 2015

Charles Krauthammer: ‘We’re In For 17 Months Of A Fake ISIS Strategy’

Charles Krauthammer: ‘We’re in for 17 Months of a Fake ISIS Strategy’ A new Fox News poll found that 71 percent of registered voters don’t think President Barack Obama has a clear strategy to defeat ISIS. Charles Krauthammer said that those people are absolutely right. He added that administration officials

15 May 2015

Share This Post If You Think You Can Make A Difference Without A Title!

    [fb_embed_post href=”” width=”550″/] John R. Bolton’s run for president has ended before it had a chance to get started. After breaking the news to his supporters on Thursday that winning the White House was “not feasible,” Mr. Bolton — a lawyer, scholar, diplomat and United Nations ambassador who

07 May 2015

Unconscionable ➠ Judge Frees Former Guantanamo Detainee Terrorist Who Killed U.S. Army Medic ➠ Video

Unconscionable: Judge Frees Former Guantanamo Detainee Terrorist Who Killed U.S. Army Medic Proven murderer, loosed for jihad… Via Fox News: A former teen terrorist who killed a U.S. Army Delta Force medic in Afghanistan in 2002 was ordered released Thursday by a Canadian judge who said the former Guantanamo Bay

07 May 2015

IRS Promotes Tax Cheats Within Its Ranks

IRS Promotes Tax Cheats Within Its Ranks An audit released Wednesday found that the IRS failed to fire and in many cases promoted employees found to have cheated on their taxes. The Washington Times reports that of the 1,580 IRS employees who were found under review to have deliberately cheated