07 Dec 2018

CNN’s Christine Romans: Job Growth Is “On Track To Beat 2016, Which Was A Very Good Year”

CNN’s chief business correspondent, Christine Romans, explains that the November jobs report keeps the U.S. on track to beat its strong job growth in 2016 which was a very good year … this is what you call full employment. Obama, is this the magic wand you were talking about? Thank you,

02 Nov 2018

CNN Praises “Really Strong” Jobs Report, “Strong Hiring From American Companies”

CNN’s Christine Romans praises the October jobs report as “really strong”, noting that American company hiring has brought unemployment to a “generational low.” Someone, please pinch me because I must be dreaming. CNN is reporting real news. Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment below to share your thoughts.

Boom: 164 Companies Give Bonuses, Lower Fees To Millions, Citing Trump Tax Cuts
05 Oct 2018

Winning! US Unemployment Hits 49-Year Low

The U.S. unemployment rate reached 3.7 percent in September that’s the lowest level recorded since December 1969… The best economy since I was born and we’re just getting started! Thank you President Trump. More bad news for Barack Obama! Someone send him a box of kleenex! It’s going to be