FIREWORKS! Alex Jones Confronts Marco Rubio Outside Senate Intel Hearing (Video)
05 Sep 2018

FIREWORKS! Alex Jones Confronts Rubio Outside Senate Intel Hearing (Video)

Alex Jones crashed the Senate Intelligence hearing on foreign influence on US social media platforms. The Infowars host taunted Sen. Marco Rubio outside a hearing room, Wednesday. Rubio told Jones not to touch him while Jones called the Senator a “little punk” and “frat boy.” Rubio fired back: “You’re not

Marco Rubio Interferes in FL Republican Race to Sabotage Pro-Trump Candidate: ‘HE RIGGED IT’
07 Jan 2018

Marco Rubio Interferes In FL Republican Race To Sabotage Pro-Trump Candidate: ‘HE RIGGED IT’

Remember when little Marco ran for the Senate the first time? He was going to clean up everything like some kind of crusader, only to fall into the establishment rat nest, where he’s been ever since. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is being accused by extremely angry members of the Florida

14 Dec 2017

Rubio Says No On Tax Bill Without Expanded Child Tax Credit

Doesn’t “little Marco” know that low-income families already get earned income credit & most actually get back MORE than they pay in? For 2017, the maximum Earned Income Tax Credit per taxpayer is: $510 with no Qualifying Children $3,400 with one Qualifying Child $5,616 with two Qualifying Children $6,318 with three or more