Tavis Smiley: Trump Could Win Black America

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He does well with “the blacks.”

Writing for USA Today, television personality Tavis Smiley cautioned Democrats not to assume they have the black vote locked up this coming November if Donald Trump gets the nomination, which looks like an ever-increasing reality based “Super Tuesday” results.

Not only does Smiley feel that Donald Trump’s celebrity persona may resonate with black Americans, but also his stance on illegal immigration, which has become increasingly unpopular in the black community in recent years, with many young blacks blaming lack of work on cheap labor garnered from illegal immigrants.

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Tavis Smiley is a liberal, and perhaps what’s most interesting about the piece is not his speculation that Donald Trump may do well with black voters, but the fact that his own friends have privately expressed support for “The Donald,” making his speculation valid:

The number of everyday black voters who we assume will dismiss Trump because of his anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim attacks might well be inflated. While I certainly have had my say about Trump being a “religious and racial arsonist” (and he responded quickly on Twitter), not everyone in black America agrees with me. I have been taken by myriad conversations I’ve had with black folk who don’t find those comments by Trump necessarily or automatically disqualifying… More

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