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Teacher Threatened With Fine For Violating Michelle’s School Snack Rules

Michelle-Obama-EatingV Teacher Threatened With Fine For Violating Michelle Obama School Snack Rules


Outer limits of stupid…But it’s ok if Michelle does it…

WILLIAMSON, W.V. – Students and parents are rallying to the defense of a teacher who is accused of violating federal school snack rules.


The Williamson PreK-8 teacher, who was not identified, would give her students “wrapped candy” as a reward for their hard work and good behavior.


Because the practice was an alleged violation of the federal rules championed by first lady Michelle Obama, Mingo County Schools Director of Child Nutrition Kay Maynard “placed a call to officials at the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) to report the incident,” the Williamson Daily News reports.


Maynard also spoke to Williamson PreK-8 principal Shannon Blackburn, telling him about the possibility of a monetary fine for the teacher.


When news spread, parents and student mobilized, collecting pennies to pay the potential fine on the teacher’s behalf. More

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