Teachers Can Be Bullied Too: By The Very Same Unions Who Claim To Protect Them

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Friedrichs spoke at the Concerned Educators Against Forced Unionism (CEAFU) conference about her experience with the California Teachers Association (CTA). The same experience that led her and nine other teachers to argue before the U.S. Supreme Court against mandatory union payments. Friedrichs recalled how she was once bullied by the very union entrusted to represent her.

“My entire experience, my 28 years being forced into this union, I have been bullied,” Friedrichs said. “I have been bullied the entire time.”

Friedrichs tried to leave early on after she found out it was impossible to fire an abusive colleague just because of the union. She felt the union didn’t represent her values and its policies put students in harm’s way. She could leave but she was forced to keep funding its activities. She then rejoined in the hopes of changing the union culture as a representative but found that didn’t help either. More

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