Ted Cruz ➠ We Are Going To Destroy ISIS

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Ted Cruz: “We Are Going to Destroy” ISIS

In Boston, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz drew roaring approval from a Town Hall crowd when he answered an audience member’s question about how he would protect America from the “Islamic onslaught.”

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The audience member asked Cruz,

How would you, as president, preserve, protect and defend the American people and our Constitution, from the current Islamic onslaught, right here in America?

Cruz began by responding that he would “speak the truth and defeat our enemies”:

We cannot defeat radical Islamic terrorism with a President who is unwilling to utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

He went on to forcefully denounce the “bizarre, Orwellian doublespeak of this administration and Hillary Clinton that coddles radical Islamic terrorism.”

“ISIS is the face of evil,” he asserted:

You know, the radicals say they reject modernity? Great. We need to send the them back to the Stone Age. How do you do that? You need a Commander-in-Chief who lays out a clear objective:


We are not going to weaken, we are not going to degrade, we are not going to pinprick ISIS. We are going to destroy them. We are going to make it so if you join ISIS, you are signing your death certificate!

Cruz was interrupted frequently by enthusiastic applause, and ultimately a standing ovation.

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