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Ted Cruz ➠ Iranian Deal Makes Obama ‘Leading Financier Of Terrorism Against Americans In The World’



Obama’s Iranian Nuclear Deal – Jihadist Stimulus Bill



Ted Cruz joined Megyn Kelly tonight to discuss Barack Obama’s sham nuclear agreement with the Iranian regime. Cruz said the deal makes Obama the leading financier of terrorism against Americans in the world.

This deal ensures that Iran, either number one will acquire nuclear weapons or number two, will necessitate military action from the United States or Israel. In addition to that, if this deal goes through and I hope that Congress steps up and stops it, billions of dollars will flow from the United States of America to Iran, the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world. That money will be spent by jihadist terrorists to murder Americans, to murder Israelis, to murder Europeans. If this deal goes through the Obama administration the leading financier of terrorism against Americans in the world. I’ve heard this referred to before as the “Jihadist Stimulus Bill.”



iran suicide bomber classFemale suicide bombers attend their graduation in Tehran in 2006


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