Story Is A Hoax ➠ Ted Nugent & Kid Rock Team Up To Record ‘Kiss My Rebel Ass’



Kid Rock told Confederate flag protesters to “kiss my a$$” last week.

Ultimate Classic Rock reported:

UPDATE: A report stating that Ted Nugent and Kid Rock had teamed up to record a song in support of the Confederate flag is, in fact, a hoax. We would like to apologize to both artists and their fans for furthering this false information.


The story, which originally appeared in the National Report, declared that a song titled “Kiss My Rebel Ass,” was written and recorded in the space of a day. According to the fake story, this happened after Nugent saw that Kid Rock had invited anyone protesting his use of the flag at his concerts to “kiss my ass,” and reached out to express his support via text message. (Kid Rock really did make that statement, the rest is from the fake report.)


We apologize for getting your hopes up about the new song “Kiss My Rebel Ass,” though we won’t be surprised if Ted Nugent or Kid Rock do end up releasing something with very similar themes.


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