Tennessee Bill Bans Toy Guns Near Schools ➠ Real Firearms Still Permitted

Tennessee Bill Bans Toy Guns Near Schools, Real Firearms Still Permitted

Tennessee Bill Bans Toy Guns Near Schools, Real Firearms Still Permitted

A bill that would make it illegal to carry toy guns – not real guns – near schools is one step closer to becoming a law.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck said on “Fox and Friends” this morning that the pending legislation in Tennessee would allow permit holders to carry real weapons near schools, but toy guns would be banned within 150 feet of them.

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This new ban was included in a larger bill that would actually cut local laws that prohibit people with gun permits from taking them to parks.

The Tennessean reported:

The federal “Guns Free School Zones” act makes it illegal for anyone who doesn’t have a permit from taking a gun within 1,000 feet of a school. If that person has a permit from the state in which the school is located, though, they can take the gun near school property, the law states.


The change to the House bill came in the form of an amendment from Rep. Charles Sargent, R-Franklin. It was the only amendment approved by the House, which voted to have debate on the bill itself before approving the measure by a 65-21 margin.


The amendment says the state doesn’t need to pay to remove signs that say guns are banned in parks. However, it also includes a list of new items that are banned within 150 feet of a school.

Hasselbeck said that items included on the banned list are explosives, permanently disabled firearms, hoax devices and machetes or swords.

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich weighed in on “Fox and Friends,” stating why toy guns would be offered in legislation like this.

“Sometimes this kind of amendment that bans toy guns is offered in certain places, because they don’t want police in a situation to mistake a fake firearm for a real firearm in the case of a school,” Pavlich explained.

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