Terrifying Attack ➠ Crazed Man Sets His Sights On Baby ➠ Grabs Some Gasoline & Matches

Crazed Man Sets His Sights On Baby, Grabs Some Gasoline & Matches

A family pulled over to change a flat tire on a freeway in Wildomar, California, when they became victims of a terrifying attack. The crazed man came out of nowhere, smashing the family’s car, before he set his sights on their 18-month-old baby, and what he did next is straight out of a mother’s worst nightmare.

The child’s mother, Charlene Roberts, has decided to speak out after the attack took place to inform others about what happened on that dreadful day. She explained that they were driving on the I-215, when they realized that they had gotten a flat tire. Obviously needing to pull over and replace it, they figured they would be safe on the shoulder of the road. That is when the attacker, Nicholas Garcia, spotted the family and made his move.

“Highway patrol says he smashed the driver’s side and rear windows with a broken plastic freeway paddle marker and began stabbing the toddler,” according to KCAL.

Crazed Man Sets Eyes On Baby, What He Does Next Is A Mothers Worst Nightmare

The attacker, Nicholas Garcia

As any parent would do, Roberts leaped on to her son in an attempt to shield him from getting hurt. “Every attack, every hit was meant for the baby,” she said, according to IJ Review. “It wasn’t meant for us. He was trying to kidnap the child, and who knows what he would have done with him after that.”

During the attack, other family members in the car were attempting to pull Garcia out of the car, but were unsuccessful.

Crazed Man Sets Eyes On Baby, What He Does Next Is A Mothers Worst Nightmare

The 18-month-old, Abel’s, stitches from the stab wound.

As the man escalated his attack, he eventually pulled out a bottle of gasoline and poured it across the back of the car. As if things couldn’t get any worse, he then attempted to light the car on fire with a match. Thankfully, he was unsuccessful.

“This guy was out of his mind,” Charlene Roberts’ brother, James St. Clair, informed. “He was just frantically screaming at us and yelling, not coherent at all.” More

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