Terror At The Bus Stop After Kindergartner Missed Her Ride

Terror At The Bus Stop After Kindergartner Missed Her Ride

Terror At The Bus Stop After Kindergartner Missed Her Ride

A Kentucky girl missed the school bus, but the school bus didn’t miss her, and a surveillance camera captured the terrifying moment on tape.

The unnamed Wilkerson Elementary School school student was rushing to make it to the bus Friday afternoon. She thought she had narrowly escaped being late, when she made a leap for the folding doors, which quickly closed on her, right as the driver started to take off. The child, believed to be of Kindergarten age, became pinned in the door by her backpack, Louisville Metro Police spokesman Dwight Mitchell told NBC affiliate WAVE3 in Kentucky.

Neighbors watched in horror as her little body bounced down the street, being dragged by the bus driver, who was seemingly unaware that there was anything wrong. It wasn’t until another motorist in the residential area spotted the girl and sped up to the school bus to alert the male driver. By that point, the child had been dragged at least 100 feet, but witnesses claim it was further, more accurately described as longer than the length of a football field.

“I seen this car go flying by,” said resident Esther Karschner. “The reason why that car was racing was to stop the bus.”

Karschner and other neighbors in the area bolted on foot to aid the little girl, who had extensive road rash but was able to communicate.

“She was talking,” Karschner said. “She wanted to see her mommy.”

Emergency responders soon arrived on the scene and rushed the injured victim to Kosair Children’s Hospital, where physicians expect her to make a full recovery. Karschner described that one of the girl’s legs barely had any skin left on it.

Tom Carman lives near the bus top where the shocking accident occurred, and his home is equipped with surveillance cameras that captured the moment on tape. He couldn’t believe what had happened right before his very eyes. More

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