Terrorist Bill Ayers Protests Donald Trump In Chicago

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Obama buddy and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers was seen protesting Donald Trump in Chicago today.

Thousands of leftwing protesters were expected today to protest Donald Trump at the University of Chicago Illinois campus.
5,000-7,000 people were already inside the pavilion at 5 PM Central. Thousands more were still in a line that stretched several blocks.

Trump supporters lined up early to see the GOP frontrunner in Chicago. (Progressives Today)

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Guess who was outside protesting Donald Trump? …Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

(Progressives Today)


Bill Ayers, a former leader of the Weather Underground, participated in bombings of the New York City police headquarters in 1970.

Barack Obama started his political career in Bill Ayers’ living room. Actual terrorist Bill Ayers protests against Trump in Chicago.



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