Terrorist Seen At Gun Range Before Attack ➠ Others With Him Means BIG Trouble


The man responsible for taking the lives of five members of the Armed Forces was spotted at a local shooting range just days before the heinous assault, and the people who were with him could mean big trouble for the country.

WDEF reported that they received a tip from a witness who allegedly saw Muhammad Abdulazeez at a gun range near Chattanooga in the weeks prior to the terror attack. While the actual facility they went to isn’t known, it’s speculated it was the Prentice Cooper Gun Range, and the news affiliate went to investigate.

The station said that when they arrived, several men were target practicing and said that a man, who claimed to be a former Marine, had already beaten them to the business, and he was asking about the reports that Abdulazeez was there previously. He apparently spoke to several different groups of people who were there shooting, but it’s unknown what information, if any, he was able to obtain after speaking with them.

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Law enforcement hasn’t been able to confirm that Abdulazeez went to that range, however, WDEF’s source said that he was seen there with three other men, which could mean he wasn’t a lone wolf as originally suspected. The men all wore long beards like Abdulazeez, suggesting they too were Muslim, and the source said they were there to target shoot.


CBS News reported that the gunman would often talk to his co-workers about going to the range, and that he had recently told them that he and a group of friends went out to shoot rifles. More

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