Terrorists Are NOT Going To Like BOMBSHELL Find Made In Bin Laden’s Home!

Terrorists Are NOT Going To Like BOMBSHELL Find Made In Bin Laden’s Home

A report has been released detailing the findings of the Navy Seals who breached Osama bin Laden’s home and killed him back in 2011. Of the many things brought back from the raid were a few bombshell items that exposed the man’s narcissism – but worst of all, his hypocrisy.

As most Americans remember, the U.S. Navy SEALS raided Osama bin Laden’s secret Pakistan hideaway back in 2011 in a brazen attempt to kill the man. Before they left, SEALS scooped up whatever they could on the way out, including documents and downloaded software from available computers.

Only now has a detailed list of these findings been released by the U.S. government.

Perhaps the most significant find was a stash of hardcore pornography found within the complex. Since many Muslim extremists idolize the man and the fact that pornography is such a significant no-no for the religion of Islam, these claims could be rather damaging.


Although government officials explain that they have no way of telling to whom the porn belonged, it only goes to demonstrate the hypocritical nature of Osama – and his religion. If those leading others down the path of death and destruction can’t stick to the rules they set forward, then what is the point?

Of course, those who continue to worship the man will more than likely write this off as American propaganda, but for we Americans, news of the find really comes as no shock. That being said, a spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Brian Hale, states that the collection of pornography will not be released to the public on account of the “nature” of the files.

Along with porn, other things found in the terrorists home consisted of documents on the infidels’ weaknesses, articles about himself, and of course, books about radical Islam. More

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