Texas Just Made a BOLD Move Against Illegal Immigrants!


Since 1868, the United States has recognized babies born within the borders as U.S. citizens, no matter the birthplace or status of the baby’s parents. It’s a practice that has encouraged countless pregnant illegal aliens to sneak across the border in order to give their babies instant citizenship.

But over the past year, Texas, a state that houses the second-highest number of illegal aliens in the country, has decided to change that practice and has denied birth certificates to a growing number of children born by illegal aliens.

It’s such an impactful move that if additional immigrant-heavy states would follow suit, the illegal alien population in America would likely see a decline based on the fact that it would cut down on benefits-seeking illegal parents who are automatically entitled to a shower of health and welfare benefits after giving birth to a child in the United States.

As expected, several of the women recently denied birth certificates for their newborns have lawyered up and filed civil rights lawsuits against the state, alleging “constitutional discrimination and interference in the federal government’s authority over immigration.”

In other words, when Texas told them “no,” they ran to the nearest lawyer who would take the case pro-bono.

Part of the fight involved what is acceptable in the form of identification to prove the mother’s identity. While state officials formerly recognized a foreign ID issued by the Mexican Consulate, local officials have told women applying for birth certificates that ID is no longer sufficient.

Additionally, a portion of the women filing suit are illegal aliens from Central America, which Texas saw an influx of last summer. More

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