TEXAS JUSTICE ➠ Robbery Victim Reached Into Her Purse For Money ➠ Came Out With A SURPRISE!

TEXAS JUSTICE: Robbery victim reached into her purse for money, came out with a SURPRISE

A Texas woman’s actions reaffirmed two principles when a man attempted to rob her Friday night:

Never bring a knife to a gun fight, and don’t mess with Texas women.

A woman, in her mid-30s and described by law enforcement as “cool as a cucumber” pulled into an Exxon service station in northeast Harris County about 6 p.m, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Before she was able to exit her vehicle, the would-be robber got into the passenger seat, brandished a knife and demanded her money.

She told the man she’d comply and slipped her hand into her purse. But instead of coming out a wallet, her hand held a gun.

“She shoots him one time in the left shoulder,” Deputy Thomas Gilliland told the Chronicle.

That was all the thief needed. He flung open the passenger-side door and skedaddled from the scene. He was found a quarter-mile away where he’d collapsed due to blood loss.

He was flown by helicopter to a local hospital and is now listed in stable condition. He’s also facing an aggravated robbery charge.

The woman is a licensed concealed carrier. Although her actions will be referred to a grand jury as a matter of course, it’s not expected she will face any charges. More

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