Texas Passes Open Carry Law, Anti-Gun Zealots Hilariously Lose Their Minds


Texas Passes Open Carry Law, Anti-Gun Zealots Hilariously Lose Their Minds

Late Friday afternoon, the Texas Senate passed the bill that would allow licensed handgun owners to carry their firearms on their bodies in full view of the public. Governor Greg Abbott posted a victorious tweet regarding the bill passing its last legislative hurdle, saying, “Next Destination: My Pen.” Not surprisingly, anti-gun zealots have taken to the Internet to spew their rancor over the bill and to take personal shots at Governor Abbott as well.

Apparently, like most liberals, they didn’t take the time to educate themselves about the new law in Texas or about existing open carry laws nationwide before they spouted off. Their ignorance is truly hilarious.

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House Bill 910 sailed through the Texas House last month with a vote of 102-43 and was similarly passed in the Texas Senate Friday afternoon with 20 votes for and only 11 against it. Gun rights activists cheered the decision, as did Texas’ Governor Greg Abbott when he posted to his Twitter account only minutes after the bill passed.

Obviously, most Texans are pleased about having the option to carry their handguns in the open. Before this bill passed, Texas was one of only six states plus D.C. that did NOT allow open carry. Thirteen other states require a special permit, while the other thirty-one states have no restrictions on the open carry of handguns at all.

Texas Passes Open Carry & Anti-Gun Zealots Hilariously Lose Their Minds

The new law is far from being unprecedented. In reality, Texas is behind the times. It was the first state to enact an open carry ban and is one of the very last to lift it.

The original open carry ban was put into place during the post-Civil War era by Republicans to make sure the Reconstruction government could disarm remaining Confederate sympathizers and other citizens who disagreed with the newly acquired rights of freed slaves.

According to The Houston Chronicle, when Democrats took control of the state several years later, they not only didn’t abolish the ban, they increased the penalties. It is widely believed they did so to keep guns out of the hands of Blacks and Hispanics.

One would assume that individuals so vehemently against any issue would be well-versed in the facts surrounding that issue. Alas, once again, our friends on the far left have proven their apparent disregard for any truth which might derail their emotional locomotive.

Extremists? Apparently some people believe that Americans who wish to protect their lives and property are extreme. As you can see from the response by Mr. Rutledge, many Texans are in fact upset that the legislators scrapped the amendment which would have disallowed law enforcement officers from stopping open carry citizens and asking for their permits.

Funny. If this guy is determined to not visit any state that allows open carry, his list of potential vacation spots is going to get a lot smaller once someone informs him that he’s only got five states and D.C. left to choose from.

Classy lady right there. Another potty-mouthed ignoramus, who doesn’t have a clue how relatively insignificant the new Texas law is in respect to the other forty-four states that already have open carry.

Really? Because licensed gun owners carrying outside their jackets instead of inside their jackets is so much more dangerous. Well, I suppose it might create more peril for people like Ms. Meowy, considering violent criminals will pass up attacking someone, who will obviously shoot them dead, and instead prey on helpless victims, who refuse to protect themselves with deadly force.

This person apparently thinks Texas is now going to have an epidemic of street duels and stray bullets, killing folks after being fired willy-nilly by freedom-crazed gun-nuts. Very rational.

I find it hilarious that these obviously ignorant anti-gun zealots are having a hissy-fit over the new law in Texas, especially because they obviously don’t understand the history of open carry in the U.S., nor do they have any inkling about the facts surrounding the people who are licensed to carry.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety’s most recent report, in one calendar year there were 50,869 violent and non-violent criminal convictions in the state of Texas. Only 158 of those total convictions or 0.31% were crimes committed by CHL (Concealed Handgun License) holders. That’s less than one-half of one percent.

To be honest, although the passing of HB 910 does bring Texas into the mainstream and one step closer to full constitutional carry, it’s really not that big of a deal to most CHL holders in the state. Many have already stated that they won’t change to open carry for the most popular reason that they don’t want the criminals to know what’s coming. Go, Texas!

h/t [KLTV ABC News]


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