Texas Rest Stop Vandalized With Pro-Islamist Graffiti

Texas Rest Stop Vandalized With Pro-Islamist Graffiti

Vandals spraypainted “Allah Akbar” and a bomb at a rest stop in Texas this week.
allah graffiti texas


A Texas rest stop was vandalized this week with Islamic graffiti.

KYFO reported:

The words “Allah Ackbar” and “LBK, TX,” along with a cartoon-like bomb drawing spray painted near a rest area in Scurry County were cleaned up by the Texas DPS Tuesday (May 12).


A photo of the graffiti went viral in Texas early this week after Sean Hannity posted it on his Facebook page.


According to Texas DPS spokesperson Tom Vinger, the graffiti is not being considered a serious threat.


“We have looked into this with our law enforcement partners, including the FBI – and at this point in time, there is nothing to indicate that this constitutes a credible threat,” said Vinger (quote via EverythingLubbock).

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