Texas Teens Learn The Ultimate Lesson By Breaking Into This Man’s Home



Texas Teens Learn The Ultimate Lesson By Breaking Into This Man’s Home

According to local reports, a pair of teens burglarized and attempted to rob a home in Arlington, Texas, late last week. The brazen duo broke into the residence through a rear door, choosing to commit the act in broad daylight – at around 4:15 p.m.

Their would-be victim, however, was prepared for such an event.

A male homeowner heard the noises, police reported, and grabbed his gun to investigate.

“He confronted them,” Arlington Police Sgt. Paul Rodriguez explained, “and during the course of that confrontation, he shot at them.”

While one suspect was able to escape injury, he was stopped by police a short time later and arrested. His alleged accomplice – 18-year-old Nathyn Tealer – was not as fortunate, sustaining a fatal gunshot wound and ultimately falling in the homeowner’s back yard where he was pronounced dead. More

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