“Thanks Mrs. Obama, It’s Gross!” ➠ Some Truly Horrendous-Looking School Lunches

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Some Truly Horrendous-Looking School Lunches: “Thanks Mrs. Obama, It’s Gross!”

Eeew! The only positive about this is that the students will long remember who was behind all this.

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. – Michelle Obama isn’t winning over many fans in the next generation of voters.

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Pennsylvania’s Patriot-News asked parents what they thought of the steady drip of repulsive pictures being snapped of paltry school lunches across the country.


They didn’t hold back.


“My son said thanks Mrs. Obama for screwing us out of a good meal. He comes home starving,” parent Kristina Souders responded.


“My kids rarely want to eat anything the school serves because ‘it’s gross,’” according to parent Stacey Toth.


Carl Daub told the paper, “My daughter is in 3rd grade. Her lunches cost $2.40 a day. She complains that the portions are too small.”


According to Jordan, a Spotsylvania County, Virginia student, this lunch was served at Riverbend High School and several others in the district on Tuesday:


What the heck is this? Many still complain of going hungry. Here’s a medical fact, Mrs. Clinton, children need calories and some fat for proper development. This wouldn’t develop a rat.

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Well at least the tater tots look okay, but what lunch person would actually put this on a tray and serve this?
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