The Big Security Threat Obama Just Told Coast Guard Grads To Fight Is… WHAT?

The Big Security Threat Obama Just Told Coast Guard Grads To Fight Is…WHAT

The Big Security Threat Obama Just Told Coast Guard Grads To Fight Is…WHAT?

Recycled rhetoric uttered for purely political purposes…

The United States Coast Guard — one of the country’s uniformed military services — carries out three basic missions: maritime safety, maritime security, and maritime stewardship. These include, among other duties: enforcing fisheries laws, defense readiness for America’s coastal waters, drug and migrant interdiction, and search and rescue operations.

But now, given what President Obama just told the latest graduating class of Coast Guard officers, it would seem the commander-in-chief wants the guardians of our waterways to take on other assignments having to do with what the president sees as one of the most serious, most pressing, most ominous threats to America’s security in today’s world — climate change.

And what, exactly, did President Obama say would be the Coast Guard’s responsibilities when it comes to helping the world, as The New York Times noted in Obama’s speech, “to start reducing its carbon emissions now?” What specifics did the president lay out? None. He spoke of what the EPA is trying to do, what he is calling on Congress to do, but nothing as to what the Coast Guard should do to combat what the president called a most “serious threat to global security.”

As Aaron MacLean noted in a Washington Free Beacon piece on Obama’s address, the implication of the president’s commencement address on Wednesday was that “an anticipated rise in sea levels is more of a concern to the uniformed services than terrorism.”

The notion that climate change poses risks of “instability” and “conflict,” not to say the possibility of “climate refugees,” sounded just delusional, considering how much instability and conflict, and how many refugees, are out there right now because of the the various crises caused by American withdrawal from the world.

Indeed, ISIS continues its relentless march of mayhem and massacre across large swaths of the Middle East, Iran moves ever closer to nuclear capability, North Korea is back to saber rattling, Russia is flexing its military muscle, a restless China is modernizing its store of weapons, and terrorists are frequently said to be on or near our very borders; yet Obama sings that well-scripted, progressive song of climate change.

Some might reasonably argue that the president’s global warming lecture to an important group of proud young defenders of the homeland is either a delusion or a distraction — recycled rhetoric uttered for purely political purposes.

To see for yourself a key part of the president’s address to the Coasties, you can click on the video above. More

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