The Hateful Left Attacks Bristol Palin ➠ Twitter Responds In Epic Way! #WarOnWomen





This is the most DISGUSTING vile headline we’ve ever read! Gawker hits a all time new LOW! 

Gawker calls Bristol Palin’s pregnancy announcement ‘a great argument for abortion’

It was difficult to join in the sentimental farewell to talk show host David Letterman (affairs with interns aside), recalling his tasteless sex joke targeting the daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who was therefore fair game for his “humorous” brand of left-wing misogyny.

Letterman’s gone now, and Gawker appears to have picked up the anti-Palin torch and run with it. In a blog post today entitled “Big news” published on Patheos.com, Bristol Palin revealed that she’s expecting. Gawker’s response?


Well, somebody thought it was funny.





























We’re not very good at this progressive feminism thing, but we thought women didn’t have to apologize to Gawker for their reproductive choices. As far as an argument for abortion? Not seeing it in Palin’s post. More

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