The Line Around The Block…


I was riding down the block in Manhattan earlier today and observed this line that stretched down the street and around the corner. I’d seen the same line when I went by before in prior weeks and decided I was going to investigate. I’d seen lines like that in NYC for clubs or events, I thought that had to be what it was for, because the only other thing I saw was a Chick-fil-A.

I rolled down my window and yelled out to a girl on the line. ‘Hey, what’s this line for?” She turned to me, smiled and said “Chick-fil-A, it’s really good!” I said, “Oh wow, that’s really cool.” To which she responded, “We were just on a Christian walk and we all came over here, the owner is Christian and the chicken is good!” You may recall the organization came under fire because of comments made by the owner saying he supported traditional marriage, the very same position that Hillary Clinton took just a few years back. There was no discrimination against anyone, it was him expressing his personal opinion. But that was enough to earn the fire of the left and an attempt to shut down the stores.

I asked the folks on line if I could take their picture, so here they are.

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The shirts say ‘God Belongs In My City”. You can see some background on the origin of the walks. I know there’s a tendency to think Manhattan and NYC a bastion of crazy leftism and not so much religion. But these young folks want people to know that there’s another side of NYC, a side that actually welcomes in God and supports businesses who come under unjust attack for their beliefs.

Doesn’t look like the left is going to do in Chick-fil-A anytime soon and good job to those young folk!

Here’s a shot of the greater group praying in Times Square, the middle of the world. More


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