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The VA Has A Drug Problem

The VA Has a Drug Problem

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ Office of Inspector General reported this week that the VA is failing to properly implement its Drug-Free Workplace Program, and found that the VA can’t ensure that some of its key employees — including doctors and nurses — are drug free.

“VA’s Drug-Free Workplace Program is not accomplishing its primary goal of ensuring that illegal drug use is eliminated and that the VA workplace is safe,” the OIG reported.

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“As a result, VA has little assurance that its Drug Free Workplace Program is performing as intended to identify and eliminate illegal drug use in its workforce,” it added. “With the expectation that VA’s workforce will grow significantly with the passage of the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014, VA needs to take actions to address weaknesses in its management of the Drug-Free Workplace Program immediately.”

The report noted that the agency’s drug-free program designates key jobs as “testing designated positions,” or TDPs, which are important jobs that the VA wants to fill with workers who aren’t taking illegal drugs. Those jobs include doctors, nurses, people who operate automobiles and senior officials.

People with those jobs must be tested for drugs before they are hired, and and random selection of some of these workers will be selected each month for a drug test. More

Read the OIG report here:


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