Barack Hussein Obama

These Men Grabbed Chick-Fil-A & Their Rifles To Give Obama A BRUTAL Message



With Obama’s blatant disrespect towards our own fallen Marines in Chattanooga, civilians are taking matters in their own hands to ensure our loyal men and women of service are well looked after. This. Is. EPIC.

When they’re home from war, the last thing our troops need is a President who’s in denial about the current conditions of our beloved country. These brave men and women sacrificed it ALL for our continued freedom. Obama’s irresponsible failure to honor our troops is a DISGRACE.  I just can’t help but wonder.

If the tables were turned, what kind of a Marine would Obama make?

Now, civilians are rising up to look after our own. The below post has gone viral and we’re not surprised in the least bit. This is amazing! More


HT: Allen West Republic


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