Things Get HEATED When Retired NYPD Cop Comes Face-To-Face With Big Liberal ➠ Video

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Watch: Things Get HEATED When Retired NYPD Cop Comes Face-To-Face With Big Liberal On Live TV

With major cities in the country seeing spikes in violent crime this year, CNN invited former New York Police Department detective Harry Houck and the network’s commentator and college professor Marc Lamont Hill on the air Wednesday to discuss the reasons for these spikes, including the possibility of the “Ferguson Effect” being in play.

CNN news anchor Brooke Baldwin first noted that the number of shootings in New York City is up 9 percent, while homicides are up 20 percent this year.

Not specifically mentioned are the numbers in Baltimore, which are far more ominous. The Baltimore Sun reports that 116 people have been killed so far this year, compared with 81 at this time last year. Nonfatal shootings are up 83 percent this year, according to police statistics. The 43 homicides in May were the most in a month in the city since December 1971.

Houck said: “I personally believe [the increase in violent crime]is because police are being handcuffed more and not being able to go out there and proactively work against the criminals in the inner city.” More

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