This Bumper Sticker Is Sure To PISS OFF Hillary ➠ Would You Buy One?

This Bumper Sticker Is Sure To PISS OFF Hillary … Would You Buy One?

As Americans have witnessed the impact of liberals in office, it has been made perfectly clear that the last thing this nation needs, or could take, is another Democrat in office. In order to get across that point, this bumper sticker is sure to piss Hillary off.


Sad thing is, Bill would be more than likely to agree if it weren’t for the fat wads of money he sees floating into his pocket on account of the opportunity. They’ve said they’re “broke,” but we all know that they’re paid quite handsomely every time they get off their lazy butts to talk in front of a group of their adoring fans.

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However, those numbers pale in comparison to the ones that could be raked in over the next 4-8 years if the regain access to The White House.

Fact is, this nation more than likely couldn’t handle another Democrat in office after the current president has unleashed so much damage. After nearly 7 years, President Barack Obama is still blaming Bush on occasion, but this reality only begs one question; if the Democratic way is superior to that of the right, then why have they failed to fix the issues supposedly caused by Republicans?

Unfortunately for them, their blame game only takes them so far and any American with a pair of eyes and one iota of intelligence can see the real issue. Progressivism doesn’t work and it’s only sending this nation further down the toilet.

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Having Hillary in office would only make things worse. Not only is she unable to come up with a single accomplishment that she did during her tenure as Secretary of State, but she refuses to be held accountable for her action.

If you feel the same way and would like to express such an opinion, you are actually in luck. For just $3.99 the stickers are for sale and ready to be placed proudly on your car for all to see. Even better yet, if anyone doesn’t like it, they can kiss your tailpipe.  More


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