This Is Going To Make Your BLOOD BOIL ➠ Reno Replaced The American Flag


Prepare to have your blood pressure raised before continuing to read this. This will make you more angry than a Muslim finding out the 72 virgins is a myth. The American flag, an iconic symbol atop the City Hall building in Reno, Nevada, was replaced with another flag on Sunday. Although the mayor and other high profile city officials are apologizing, their words are falling on deaf ears.

As a part of the weekend’s “gay pride celebration,” the city of Reno removed the American flag and replaced it with the rainbow stripes symbolizing the LGBT community, and citizens are not happy about it. According to the Daily Caller, the American flag and the LGBT flag were supposed to be flown together, but somehow the Stars and Stripes was replaced for the rainbow flag.

Unfortunately, the flag was flown for the majority of the day on Sunday before it’s removal at around 9 pm. The city then released the following statement in an apology meant to appease those that saw the removal of the American flag as offensive:

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“The City of Reno honors and respects the men and women who serve our country and we apologize to those we may have offended. While we made an error in not flying the American flag along with the pride flag, when we discovered we were not flying both, we immediately returned to flying the American flag. Neither the Mayor nor City Council was aware we were not flying the American flag. The City was proud to participate in pride weekend and will continue to celebrate our diverse community.”


Mayor Hilary Schieve also took to Twitter to  apologize for the blatant display of disrespect.

Calls for those involved to be fired have also plagued the comments of her post, in which Mayor Schieve also claims she was not responsible. More

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