This Kind Of BS Right Here Is Why They’re Trying To Take Our Guns!


Unless you’ve been living under several piles of rocks, you know gun control is a huge issue. Unfortunately, it seems that stupid people keep making the situation worse. One almost wonders on the borderline of “conspiracy” when a closer look is taken toward recent events. Several school, church, and store shooters have sprouted up like weeds on a sidewalk.

However, there seems to be another nuisance to the initiative to keep our guns in our possession. Let’s call them the superheroes. They’re the ones who don’t realize the concept of owner responsibility. Rather, they’re the ones who — after obtaining a concealed pistol license (CPL) — become the vigilante. While it’s nice to want to “help” in the overall scheme of things, they’re doing much more damage than repair. Such is the case for a woman in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

[Scene: Home Depot, 2 p.m., October 6, 2015] Imagine you’re getting out of your car at the home improvement retailer. You’re walking towards the door with your family, and all-of-a-sudden you see a guy run out and hop into his vehicle. He speeds off. Yet, before he’s out of your line of sight, a shot rings out. Startled, you turn your head to witness “The Vigilante” standing not far from you and your family. This is possibly how bystanders witnessed it.

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This woman, whom no sources have seemed to name (probably for good reason), took it upon herself to fire upon a shoplifter. As a CPL holder, it’s known regulation that you’re only to use your weapon if you’re facing an imminent, possibly life-threatening encounter, but Miss Rambo decided to do her own thing.

According to Detroit Free Press, the woman fired her weapon towards an area where many customers tend to be.

Several expert CPL instructors have given their takes on the situation and how it’s a “worst nightmare” type of circumstance. To Detroit Free Press, one instructor — Doreen Hankins, owner of Detroit Arms — commented as follows:

“It’s my worst nightmare as a CPL instructor. You have to know the entire situation before you pull that handgun out. And I don’t see that a shoplifter at Home Depot fills any of those criteria. None of it makes any sense…you are not a police officer. You are not a person out there protecting the public at large.”

While the shooter’s actions don’t speak for the entirety of the gun-carrying community, that won’t stop the gun grabbers from using it as an argumentative tool to further the gun-control agenda. See the picture, below? It’s already starting.

The gun-carrying community knows that guns don’t kill people. It’s crazy people with guns that kill people, like this lunatic at the Home Depot. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that she has a mental health problem and lied to obtain her firearm. She deserves to be charged with discharging a weapon in public and possibly worse.

No law-abiding gun owner of sane mind would support the actions of this woman. Those who oppose our right to bear arms might have a field day with this one, even though all the facts aren’t yet known. But liberals aren’t really known for letting facts get in the way of their goals.

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