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‘This Was a Terrorist Act’ ➠ Man Attacked At Gas Station Wants Justice

'This Was a Terrorist Act' ➠ Man Attacked At Gas Station Wants Justice

‘This Was a Terrorist Act’: Man Attacked at Gas Station Wants Justice

A man was viciously attacked in broad daylight by a mob of teenagers while helping an elderly woman at a gas station.

Orrden Williams Jr. recounted his frightening experience tonight with Sean Hannity.

He said that an elderly woman told him that she was nervous about walking to her car alone from inside the Memphis, TN gas station’s store.

Williams explained that the woman was scared of a group of teenagers who were outside loitering and throwing gang signs, so he decided to walk the woman to her car.

As soon as he stepped outside with the woman, the teens rush and begin violently attacking him with punches and kicks.

Williams told Hannity that he considered using the gun he had in his car to protect himself and his family, who were inside his vehicle at the time of the attack.

He also said that customers and workers inside the store held the door shut, which prevented him from going back inside to seek a safe place.

Hannity asked if he had any form of protection with him and he replied that he had a gun, but didn’t want to physically harm the kids.

“I hope MPD works diligently in prosecuting all of these kids,” Williams said. “Because it’s really bad they are doing this in broad daylight. This was a terrorist act, that’s what it was. This lady could have lost her life, I could have lost mine, in broad daylight.”

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