Thousands Of Ashley Madison Clients Used Government Email Addresses


Thousands of clients of the Ashley Madison website, which helps adults cheat on their spouses, listed email addresses registered to the White House, the Pentagon and other federal agencies, a data dump by hackers has revealed.

A list of government-related email addresses posted online Wednesday showed 44 Ashley Madison clients had used the email address “” The Army led the list, with more than 6,700 email addresses, followed by the Navy, with more than 1,600.

The Department of Veterans Affairs also was high on the list, with 108. The Justice Department appears to have 11 people on the list. The Department of Homeland Security had 45, and the IRS had six.

Nor was Congress immune from the data dump: Seven Ashley Madisonclients used email addresses ending in “,” the domain for the House of Representatives.

Hackers broke into the cheating website about a month ago, and information on 32 million Ashley Madison users was posted online late Tuesday. The data included personal information of those who appeared to be using the site. posted the breakdown of how many clients came from various government websites. More

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