Thousands Of People Are “Liking” This EPIC Obituary Written By Very Clever Son

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After Mary “Pat” Stocks passed away at 94, her son, Sandy Stocks, was tasked with penning her obituary. Little did he know that what he thought would be nothing more than a humorous inside take on his family would become a viral sensation in a matter of days.

Mary was known for being full of life and not one to pull punches. In the hilarious obituary, Stocks described his mother’s “extensive vocabulary” and described her as being “highly proficient at knowing more curse words than most people learned in a lifetime.”

The obituary covered all aspects of growing up with a mother like Pat and described the family’s love for a woman who tended to overcook everything to negate any chance of her children getting sick from food-borne viruses.

“She leaves behind a very dysfunctional family that she was very proud of. Pat was world-renowned for her lack of patience, not holding back her opinion and a knack for telling it like it is,” Stocks wrote, explaining that she was always willing to tell one the truth, even if others didn’t like it.

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Stocks said that after the obituary was posted online, responses and well-wishes began pouring in from people who had similar life experiences but would have never dreamed of publishing them in a public obituary.

“I wrote this for the family … I didn’t know anyone else would ever get it,” Sandy said.

He explained that his mother told him she didn’t want a funeral or any fanfare when she died. She simply asked her son to “just take my ashes and spread them out at Bloor and Yonge. That’s where I kissed your dad the first time.”

Stocks also said his mother would have loved the reaction to the obituary — but wouldn’t have hesitated to ask how much money he spent on publishing it in the paper.

“I hope she is looking down and laughing her head off,” Stocks added (H/T Opposing Views).

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