Thousands Rally In DC For #MillionManMarch #JusticeOrElse, Headlined By Louis Farrakhan, Chant Down, Down USA!



There were many rappers who came out, such as P.Diddy, JCole and Common, so that might have hyped the number a bit. But still troubling that this many people people would come out with lead organizer being Louis Farrakhan.

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The name of the march was #JusticeOrElse, the ‘or else’ left to hang in the air.

Louis Farrkhan and his crew of crazies played a prominent organizing role, no one apparently having a problem with his anti-white, anti-Jewish history.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, he of 20 years speaking before Barack Obama, also showed to speak on behalf of Palestine.

Obama was conveniently out of the area today.

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