Thug In Atlantic City That Sucker Punched White Homeless Woman Attacks Officer In Jail, Eats The Floor


Not such a tough guy when the target fights back.

Via Press Of Atlantic City:

A city man arrested after a video posted on Facebook showed a woman being knocked unconscious now faces additional charges after an altercation in the county jail.


Ibn Hunter, 25, was arrested Monday morning after police saw a video of a man striking the woman in Brown’s Park.


Hunter was brought to the Atlantic County Justice Facility sometime late Monday, and attacked an officer while he was being strip searched, Warden Geraldine Cohen said.


The unnamed officer was able to take down Hunter, whose mugshot shows an injury to his forehead he got when he hit the floor.


“That’s how these situations are handled, you take their feet out from under them,” Cohen explained.


Strip searches are conducted with just one officer in the room for privacy reasons, but a sergeant was called when the scuffle began, the warden said. All sergeants in the jail wear body cameras, so that part of the incident was caught on video.


Hunter will now be charged with assault on a law enforcement officer, Cohen said. He also is dressed in black-and-white stripes rather than the normal orange inmate uniform to indicate he is a high-security inmate. More

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