Thug Kicked In Her Door… But He Just Messed With The Wrong Sharpshooting Grandma!

Thug Kicked In Her Door, But He Just Messed With The Wrong Sharpshooting Grandma!

Arlene Theresa Orms heard someone trying to get into her home by jiggling the knob and lock after 10 p.m. on Tuesday night. Unable to quietly jimmy the lock, the thug kicked in her door. Luckily for her, Arlene owns a .25 caliber Beretta pistol, and once the intruder entered her home, she fired one shot his way. Police say they aren’t sure if the would-be-thief was hit or not, but he did run from Arlene’s home without stealing anything or harming the older woman.

“Well that was awesome,” said one of the victim’s neighbors, Gladys Betancourt, as the people living around the hero woman are sticking with her. She had no criminal record in her 88 years and after her husband died in 1993, Arlene decided to continue to live alone.

Her gun has been taken as evidence, but police say that she will be getting it back. The search for the thief is ongoing as well, and hopefully, Arlene can be of some assistance. Police have also decided to increase patrols for that area since this attempted burglary took place.

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Stories like this are not few and far between, but in a desperate attempt to claim that guns are bad in an attempt to disarm the American people, the leftist media will do everything in their power to avoid touching on this. One 88 year-old woman from Miami has shown us what it’s like to be fortunate enough to live in a country where we can defend ourselves and our families.

Gun rights have been stripped from civilians in most of the Western world, and those who still enjoy gun ownership are largely located in the U.S. As Australia and the UK banned most weapons and are now going after knives, their civilians may only cry or scream when attacked, but even octogenarians in the U.S. can be on level ground with criminals. More

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