Tim Allen Knocks Jim Acosta Down A Peg

Tim Allen mocks liberals ‘small window of sense of humor…’

Thank you, FOX, for picking up this show. We all know why ABC canceled it. Hands down the best sitcom on TV. The basic “problem” with this show is that Conservatives can laugh at themselves but Libs just can’t help getting getting their panties in a wad.

Tim Allen has always had a great sense of humor. You either get it, or you get lost in his dust!

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Poking the pompous is what Tim Allen enjoys most. And in the America of 2018, that means mocking liberals, the “Last Man Standing” actor said in a new interview.

“Last Man Standing,” which had been dropped by ABC, was picked up for the 2018 season by Fox and has become a ratings success.

In an interview with IndieWire, Allen talked about the philosophy behind the humor, and the man behind the character of Mike Baxter, whom Allen plays on the show.

“I like to mess around because I’ve been a standup fiery comic for 30 years,” Allen said. “And I like pissing people off, and I said there’s nothing, especially in this area, that pisses people off more than a very funny conservative. A smart, funny conservative that takes shots and is certainly self-effacing.”

Allen said that Baxter’s character thrives on the failure of liberals to consider alternative opinions.

“The left-wing point of view is so pervasive that they don’t even realize it’s a point of view. It is just a point of view,” he said. “I think this character likes that, he likes to have another point of view. It makes him sharper and more interesting. But we don’t push it. I don’t think we’ve mentioned pro or con Trump once now.”

Allen emphasized that there is a difference between his opinions and those of his character.

“I’ve done interviews where I have to ask, ‘Are you asking my character this question?’” he said.

Allen said that he believes in equal opportunity when it comes to ridicule. More

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