TIME Magazine to Name Linda Sarsour ‘Person of the Year’ After She Called For Jihad Against Trump

So a Hamas operative that works with CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood & pushes for Sharia law is considered a person of the year by TIME? Looks like we need to send Time the same message that Kelloggs, Target, the NFL, and several other anti-American leftist businesses have been sent. May bankruptcy follow in the near future.

TIME Magazine says Trump was never in the running for ‘Person of the Year’ after the President claimed the magazine told him he was being considered and requested an interview.

Perhaps calling for Jihad against the Trump administration while pushing for Sharia law in the United States deems one a ‘person of the year’, says one report familiar with TIME’s editors.

Israel National News reported that Linda Sarsour is most likely TIME Magazine’s pick for ‘Person of the Year’:

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…Speaking of which – Linda Sarsour.

Now there’s TIME’s most likely pick to represent 2017. She is the picture, the image of everything going to pot over the past nearly 12 months.

TIME’s editors won’t put it that way of course. They will ascribe to her, this so-called Palestinian American, all the glories of the women’s movement, whatever that is anymore. But they do march for “equality,” of the sort we find in certain Islamic countries where all women are equally put to death for disobedience.

Like forgetting to wear that special veil, which Sarsour never forgets, even though some might say it signifies bondage rather than emancipation.

Sarsour is a leader in all that, and she is front and center in the resistance movement against Trump.

TIME’s editors love that about her. She hates Trump. What more can you ask when you are part of Old Media?

They want open borders and so does she. Bring them all in. Imagine America with millions more like Linda Sarsour?

Trump wants refugees out from places like Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen for reasons of safety. They breed terrorists over there. Trump wants America kept safe.

Linda Sarsour wants them in. Those are people with which she feels most comfortable.

That’s one reason Trump won’t get this year’s nod from TIME – but perfect for Linda Sarsour.

Linda Sarsour is a radical left-wing activist masquerading as a leader of women’s rights while she pushes for Sharia law-the most oppressive set of laws which ultimately enslave women.

Sarsour called for Jihad against Trump!

As previously reported, speaking at ISNA’s 54th Annual Convention, Linda stated that Muslims have “NO need to assimilate” and that fighting the Trump Administration is a form of JIHAD!

“And I hope that when we stand up to those who oppress our communities,” Sarsour continued, “that Allah accepts from us that is a form of Jihad!”

Linda Sarsour has ties to the terrorist group, Hamas and is a Sharia law advocate who pushes to replace our Constitution with laws from a medieval death cult.

Fun fact: Sarsour means ‘cockroach’ in Arabic. Fitting, isn’t it?

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