Tolerant Liberals Calling For Boycott Of Gay Businessman Who Hosted Reception For Ted Cruz


Tolerant Liberals Calling For Boycott Of Gay Businessman Who Hosted Reception For Ted Cruz…

So loving and open-minded…

Via Hot Air:

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Via Mediaite, no one’s surprised, right? I actually predicted yesterday that that NYT story would hurt the businessmen more than it would hurt Cruz because I remembered what a gay conservative once told me. Conservative are more likely to accept me as gay, he claimed, than gays are to accept me as conservative.


Here’s my favorite post from the boycott page, which now has more than 3,000 “likes.” It used to be that many straights viewed gays as so far beneath contempt that they wouldn’t want to shake their hands or invite them into their living rooms. Fifty years of the gay-rights movement has changed that, not universally but enough that the GOP’s leading “true conservative” candidate for president would be willing to attend a campaign reception in a gay businessman’s home. An ironic monument to “progress”.


So predictable was that reaction that I’m wondering why the host decided to hold the reception at all. Maybe his hospitality business is doing well enough that he thought he could withstand a boycott. And/or maybe he’s so devout a hawk, especially when it comes to Israel’s security, that he feels morally bound to promote fellow hawks from across the political spectrum, whatever that may mean for his business… More

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