Boom! Sen. Tom Cotton Explodes On Nasty Chuck Schumer

There isn’t a dirtier, slimier pile of fly-specked maggot-dung than Chuck Schumer in all of Congress. But Pelosi does come in at a really close second.


Last Friday Democrats said they were going to allow the US Senate to hold a vote on Donald Trump CIA nominee Mike Pompeo.

Then Chuck Schumer changed his mind.

On Monday Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) confronted Minority Leader Schumer on the Senate floor.

Senator Cotton approached Schumer to confront him on the US Senate floor. Cotton said to Schumer, “Hey you promised you were going to hold this vote. You didn’t hold it.”

Schumer reportedly said, “Well where were you eight years ago when we were trying to get through all of President Obama’s nominees?”

That’s when Cotton snapped back,

“Eight years ago I was getting my a** shot at in Afghanistan… so don’t talk to me about where I was eight years ago.”

Cotton then walked away. Boom!

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