Top Obama Official BLASTS ISRAEL During Anti-Israel Conference: “An Occupation of 50 Years Must End”

hamas bomberTop Obama Official BLASTS ISRAEL During Anti-Israel Conference: “An Occupation of 50 Years Must End”

Hamas approved White HouseWhite House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough blasted Israel today during his speech at the J-Street Conference. McDonough told the anti-Israel group that it was time for the Jewish State to end its occupation of the West Bank.

The White House wants Israel to turn the land over to the Hamas-Fatah political alliance.

The Times of Israel reported:

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough called for the end of Israel’s “50-year occupation” and doubled down on the Obama administration’s critique of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a warmly received speech to the lobbying group J Street in Washington Monday

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Speaking to the dovish group’s national conference, McDonough became the latest in a series of Washington officials to highlight the administration’s displeasure with Netanyahu, while also talking up the permanence of US-Israel ties, repeating Washington’s commitment to continued military, security and intelligence cooperation.


“No matter who leads Israel, America’s commitment to Israel’s security will never waiver,” McDonough said.


At the same time, McDonough said later, “an occupation that has lasted for more than 50 years must end,” referring to Israel’s 48-year hold on the West Bank.


J-Street believe a majority of US Jews support Obama’s plan to give the Holy Land to the Hamas-Fatah alliance.

J-Street dumped its pro-Israel slogan years ago.

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