Top Ways Liberals Are Already Submitting To Sharia Law


Top 5 Ways Liberals Are Already Submitting To Sharia Law

Here’s the deal: Sharia law doesn’t work in the US. Period. The end. In fact, Sharia law stands in direct opposition to the Constitution in many areas. Strike that, most areas.

Yet, for some reason, liberals have decided we need to cower at the tenents of Islam as though we believe in and support them. Let’s not be provocative! We must not upset the (false) Prophet! Seriously, how on earth did our society reach a point where we’re more upset about people drawing cartoons than the fact that two terrorists tried to murder them for doing so?

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How far down the slope will we go? At what point will leftists say, “Oh my goodness! Free, American women are an affront to Islam! Ladies, break out the burkas!”?

Our cowering is dangerous. It’s anti-freedom. It’s un-American. And it needs to stop.

For starters, here are 5 tenants of Islam that liberals in the US are already subjecting us to, which need to end. Now.

1.  Thou shalt not draw Muhammadyour name’s Michelangelo? WHO CARES? Drawing the prophet is against the rules. Rules is rules. Liberals would have us believe that not offending Muhammad is more important than your American right to free speech. Jerks. Who kills people over a cartoon, anyway? And if your imaginary moon-god is offended at a picture… he sounds like a hissy-fit prone, drama queen. You probably need to find a new one.


2.  Thou shalt sympathize with terroristsyou may not be able to personally give them 72 virgins, but you will put their faces on the front of your magazines; and you will mourn the deaths of those who try to kill you! That’s for real! I believe that practicing terrorists deserve the business end of an M16. Leftists believe they deserve counseling.


3.  Thou shalt not be friends with Israelsilly Americans! The Jewish people have no rights – not to a homeland, not to anything! Israel is the great Satan and must be destroyed! Yet again, the media couldn’t be more incorrect. Not only is Israel our strongest ally as Americans, but it’s the only ally to human rights in the middle east. (And its Prime Minister should always be welcome in the White House.)


4.  Thou shalt not use the word “Christian”we are killing infidels. Prisoners. Stop trying to make this religious! Allahu Akbar! Uhm, helllllllo? Anybody home? CHRISTIAN men, women, and children are being raped, kidnapped, and murdered all across the Middle East in the name of Islam… because they are Christians. Jesus loves you, this you know? Muslims kill you because the Qur’an tells them so. We’re just not allowed to talk about it. More



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