Tougher ‘Stolen Valor’ Laws Would Mandate At Least One Year In Prison

Tougher 'Stolen Valor' Laws Would Mandate At Least One Year In Prison

Tougher ‘Stolen Valor’ Laws in New Jersey and Massachusetts Would Mandate At Least One Year in Prison

“Stolen valor” laws proposed in New Jersey and Massachusetts would go further than federal regulation, giving hefty fines and prison time to those convicted of faking service to the country to gain money or service benefits.

Massachusetts State Representative John Velis, a Democrat who served two tours in Afghanistan, explained on “America’s News Headquarters” that his bill would make it a criminal offense to commit an act of stolen valor, carrying at least a year in prison and a $1,000 fine.

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“It is going on. It’s much more frequent than people realize,” Velis said. “So there’s a need for this type of legislation.”

He said he has 54 cosponsors, both Republican and Democrat, so he’s expecting that the bill has a strong chance to pass.

“If someone makes that fraudulent representation with the intent to defraud, I think it would pass constitutional scrutiny,” Velis said.

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