Town FUMING Over Church’s Sign That Mentions Satan And ‘Equal Rights’

Town FUMING Over Church’s Sign That Mentions Satan And ‘Equal Rights’

A Virginia church has created quite the stir with a controversial sign in front of the building which references Satan and equal rights together, and many people are flat-out shocked that the church would make such a bold statement.

WTVR-TV reports that the Taylor Road Baptist Church placed a rather controversial message on its marquee, and ever since, they’ve been getting loads of criticism from outraged members of the community.

Town FUMING Over Church's Sign That Mentions Satan And 'Equal Rights'

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“I was frustrated and angry at the same time,” said Terry Young. “When I drove by it, I was sure I read it right. So I did a U-turn.”

The sing reads, “Remember, Satan was the first to demand equal rights,” which, as you can imagine, isn’t sitting well with people.

“I’m a church-going person. I know what Satan does,” says one of the church’s congregants. “He’s not no good, that’s one thing for sure.”

Town FUMING Over Church's Sign That Mentions Satan And 'Equal Rights'

But the unidentified person thinks the sign takes things too far.

“I wouldn’t put it on the side of the road to upset people’s feelings about what’s put on a sign,” they said.

The sign references Isaiah Chapter 14, verses 12 through 17 in the Bible. However, it’s not the Bible reference that has people upset, it’s the fact the church attempted to position Satan and equal rights together, as if to paint those seeking equality as evil.


“Are they talking about the gay community, are they talking about minorities, are they talking about women?” Young asked. “But any of them, it’s dogma over humanity, is all I kept thinking – how ridiculous it was to put something like that there.”

Pastor Mel Kunkle runs the church, and he said the sign isn’t about a certain group of people, but about evil, and Satan trying to be equal with God. He declined an on-air interview, but told the news station that he stands behind the message and hopes the sign gets people thinking.

The sign has been up since Sunday, Kunkle said, and it’s definitely creating discussion within the community. However, judging by how people are reacting, it may not be the type of discussion he had hoped for. More

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